Details on Our Yarns

Yarn weight, fiber composition, and skein size. Listed in order of weight.



Fluff is sold only in 50g skeins

Lace weight 72% Kid Mohair and 28% silk, this yarn has a fantastic halo to fluff up when worked in larger gauges.

459 yards (420 m)/50g

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This is our classic sock yarn. A 4 ply superwash merino wool and 25% nylon blend, it's tough enough for socks and soft enough for all your fingering weight projects.

463 yards (423m)/100g

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This fingering weight, high twist singles yarn is made from 100% superwash merino wool. It makes beautiful shawls and blooms slightly when washed. 

400 yards (366m)/100g



A nylon free fingering weight yarn, in a two ply construction.  100% superwash Merino wool.

Perfect for shawls and lace, since the plys catch against each other and help hold open yarn overs when blocked!

400 yards (366m)/100g

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A super soft, plump 2 ply MCN yarn. Add a little luxury to your projects with this 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon blend.

400 yards (366m)/100g



Our DK weight yarn is 100% superwash Merino wool. It has a slight sheen and smooth hand. Perfect for just about anything!

 231 yards (211m)/100g 

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Our DK weight is 100% superwash British Bluefaced Leicester wool. It has a slight sheen and a crisp, woolly feel. Perfect for hats, mittens, sweaters, shawls... just about anything!

 246 yards (225m)/100g 



Silky, shiny, and a little slick, Shine is a DK weight yarn made from 50% silk and 50% superwash merino.

231 yards (211m)/100g



Element is a classic worsted weight yarn made from 100% superwash Merino. Perfect for all of your worsted weight needs.

218 yards (199m)/100g



This worsted weight, 100% superwash Merino yarn has a unique 8-ply construction, which gives it lots of bounce and definition.

 218 yards (200m)/100g



A soft, 100% superwash Merino Aran weight yarn with a nice twist for texture. Perfect for winter accessories or a cozy sweater.

181 yards (165 m)/100g

Special Order

Contact me for details if you are interested in these yarns.

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Only Available as a special order.  Please contact for more information.

A warm and cozy worsted weight yarn. Nicely twisted to help prevent pilling, this springy 4 ply 100% Merino yarn is wonderful for sweaters or winter accessories. Be careful, this is not superwash and will felt if given the chance!

218 yards (200m)/100g

All Skein Sizes and Yardage

Available in 10g, 20g, 50g, and 100g skeins.

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Micro Skeins - All Yarn Types

The same yarn as in our full skeins, in 10g micro skeins.

Perfect for small projects that use many colors, or accent stripes on a solid background.

Puff: 18 yards (16m)/10g
Prime: 21 yards (20m)/10g
Element: 21 yards (20m)/10g
DK: 23 yards (21m)/10g
BFL DK: 24 yards (22m)/10g
Shine: 23 yards (21m)/10g
Sock: 46 yards (42m)/10g
Twist: 40 yards (36m)/10g
Singles: 40 yards (36m)10g
Ultra: 40 yards (36m)/10g
Fluff: not available in this skein size

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Mini Skeins - All Yarn Types

The same yarn as in our full size skeins, but in smaller 20g mini skeins.

Perfect for projects that use many colors such as a striped shawl or scrappy blanket.

Puff: 36 yards (33m)/20g
Prime: 43 yards (40m)/20g
Element: 43 yards (40m)/20g
DK: 46 yards (42m)/20g
BFL DK: 49 yards (45m)/20g
Shine: 46 yards (42m)/20g
Sock: 92 yards (84m)/20g
Twist: 80 yards (73m)/20g
Singles: 80 yards (73m)/20g
Ultra: 80 yards (73m)/20g
Fluff: not available in this skein size

Skein sizes 480x480 538ac458 5636 45f7 8e5a e786f2c33dd2

Half Skeins - All Yarn Types

Our yarn in 50g skeins, perfect for when a full size skein is just a little too much.

Puff: 90 yards (82m)/50g
Prime: 108 yards (100m)/50g
Element: 108 yards (100m)/50g
DK: 115 yards (105m)/50g
BFL DK: 123 yards (112m)/50g
Shine: 115 yards (105m)/50g
Sock: 231 yards (211m)/50g
Twist: 200 yards (183m)/50g
Singles: 200 yards (183m)/50g
Ultra: 200 yards (183m)/50g
Fluff: not available in this skein size