About TWD

sarah at the woolly dragon hand dyed yarn company for knitters and crocheters

Hi, I'm Sarah (she/her) - the yarn lover behind The Woolly Dragon. TWD is a small batch hand-dyed yarn shop specializing in unique colors and themes.

About TWD 

I opened TWD in 2017, in northern Illinois, with the desire to provide to fiber artists with the opportunity to show off their favorite fandoms in a subtle way. I use popular (or obscure!) movies, books, games, pop culture, classics and more to imagine new skeins of yarn.

Can people tell that your shawl is themed after a superhero? Maybe not, but you know! 

A little About Me

I have a background in science and love the precise parts of yarn dyeing as much as the creative side. Many of my personal favorites make their way in to TWD colors and themes, but I also love to take inspiration from ideas sent to me by customers. 

The Woolly Dragon's Shop Values

I strive to make TWD as a whole as approachable and understanding as I can. I want you to love your yarn and have a fantastic experience choosing and purchasing it. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any reason.

The Woolly Dragon does not participate in, and absolutely condemns, any action that seeks to separate any group of people as "others".  Our products are not to be used in any way that contributes to discrimination of any kind.

Small batch hand dyed yarn can potentially be hard on resources and the environment.  I consistently try to reduce our environmental footprint in any way I can.  Please see the FAQs for more information on our environmental practices. 

Our wool, including merino, is sourced from South America, and specifically from farmers who do not practice muesling. (If you do not know what muesling is, you can read about it here on Wikipedia - but be warned you may need a strong stomach.)



Finally, colors and themes that are inspired by games, movies, TV, and any other copywrited material are done out of our love for the fandom.  I don’t claim any rights to the original material.