Do the farms your yarns are sourced from practice muesling?

No, they don't! Our wool, including merino, is sourced from South America, and specifically from farmers who do not practice muesling. (If you do not know what muesling is, you can read about it here on Wikipedia - but be warned you may need a strong stomach.)

What are you doing to reduce the environmental impact of dyeing wool?

Small batch hand dyed yarn can potentially be hard on resources and the environment.  We try to reduce our impact as much as possible, in many small ways including:

Fresh water usage is monitored.  My current studio doesn't have running water, so water and waste needs to be carried in and out.  This makes it clear how much we are using.  "Gray water" is reused as much as possible, such as the water spun out from drying yarn will be added to the boiling water pots.

Undyed yarn and other supplies are ordered in large quantities a few times a year, instead of many small orders that each require transportation (fuel and emissions). Outgoing packages are picked up during the daily mail delivery stop, and don't require a special trip to the post office.

I am trying to improve my processes every day to make them as environmentally protective as possible.

Non-Discrimination Statement:

The Woolly Dragon does not participate in, and absolutely condemns, any action that seeks to separate any group of people.  Our products are not to be used in any way that contributes to discrimination of any kind.


How accurate are the photographs of the yarn? Will my skein look exactly like the one in the photo?

Photos of yarn will be sometimes be edited to show the color "true to life".  Some colors, such as purples, don't photograph well and some color adjustments are done to the photos.

While every effort is taken to make sure the yarn colors are as true as possible, screen and monitor settings can cause the colors to show up slightly differently than real life.  We provide a written description of the colorways in the item description to help you choose.

Due to the nature of hand dyed yarn, there are no dye lots and there may be some differences in the appearance of skeins of the same colorway. 

When you order multiple skeins of the same color, care is taken when packing your order to choose the most similar ones. In some cases, we might dye the yarn just for you!

When will this specific yarn be back in stock?

We try to restock the shop as often as possible.

If an item is sold out, and it is not a special or limited edition product, you can email us and let us know what colors/yarn type you would like to see in stock soon! This helps us determine what to dye and stock next.

Can I pre-order or reserve a yarn?

Sometimes a new or limited quantity product will be offered as a pre-order. You will be able to reserve one (or more) and have your order be guaranteed before the product is opened up for general sale.

All pre-orders will list a shipping date for the item.  This date might be a week or a month in the future.  Please make sure you note when your product will ship! 

Some products may never be available for general sale in the shop.  If you have to have it, we suggest reserving early.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept both Paypal and credit/debit cards. We also have gift cards available.

Payments are processed securely through a third party; we do not have access to any of your financial information.

Do you have any coupon codes?

Codes are occasionally given out for discounts on certain products, entire orders, or for free shipping.  The best way to hear about coupon codes is to join the mailing list - when you do, you will receive a coupon code for 10% off your next purchase, and free shipping on your birthday!

When will my order ship?

All in stock (not special request) orders will ship in 1 - 3 business days.  If there is a greater number of orders than usual, such as during a sale, that time might be extended. You will receive an email if we run into any unexpected delays.

How much will I pay for shipping? 

Shipping for US orders under $150 is calculated at checkout based on weight and your location.

US orders over $150 ship for free, not included yarn club orders or where otherwise stated on particular items.

 Shipping outside of the US is calculated based on your location and the weight of the package.

You will be given multiple options at checkout to choose the one that meets your needs. 

Can I get free shipping?

All US orders over $160 ship for free! (Sorry, not included yarn club orders or where otherwise stated.)

You will also get a free shipping code on your birthday! You must enter your birthday when you join the mailing list to receive this code. 

If you have joined already and didn't enter your birthday, you can email hello@thewoollydragon.com with the month and day, and I will add it for you.

Refunds and Returns

We do not generally offer returns or refunds on yarn or patterns.

However, we want you to love your new yarn! If you are unhappy with your purchase, please send us an email to sarah@thewoollydragon.com and we will work with you to make it right to your satisfaction.

Is the information I give you private?

Definitely!  We will never share, sell, or do inappropriate things with your personal information.  Addresses and information collected are used only for shipping and email order updates.  

If you opt in to our mailing list, your email address will be added to the database - which is also never shared or sold.