6th Anniversary Information

the woolly dragon 6th anniversary sale


It's our 6th Anniversary! To thank you for all the years of support, I have a whole week of daily specials, new releases, and an exclusive anniversary colorway.

Each daily special is only good until the end of that specific day.


Don't worry about shipping costs if you place multiple orders throughout the week.

All orders will be combined into one package, and any shipping costs paid over the amount needed for that single package will be refunded.

All orders to be combined must be placed using the same email address. Shipping costs will be included in the order as normal; combining and refunding shipping will take place on/after August 14th.

Orders placed during the anniversary week will be packed and mailed next week, beginning August 14th. Please allow some extra time due to the volume of orders.

Be sure to sign up to receive emails for each day's special deal.