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Our Size Skeins: Full, Half, Mini, and Micro

Sarah F
Are you working on a striped project? Or color work? Do you want a small pop of color?  Now you choose the size of your Woolly Dragon skeins to fit your needs.
Whether you are knitting, crocheting, or doing another fiber art, sometimes a full skein of yarn is just too much.  Rather than buying more yarn than you need and having tons leftover, we have made it easy to get all of the colors you need in just the right size. Even better, prices start at just $2.00 a skein!
yarn skein sizes available at the woolly dragon full half mini micro
Each of our yarn bases is available in 100g (full), 50g (half), 20g (mini), and 10g (micro) skeins.  Yardage in each skein will vary depending on the yarn weight.
We currently have 50 colors in our Solid Series available on all skein sizes.  You can also get any of our other colorways on multiple skein sizes as a special order.  I’d be happy to dye them up for you!  Contact me at sarah@thewoollydragon.com for more information. 
You can find the details on each combination of skein size and yarn type below:
Micro Skeins:
Prime: 21 yards (20m)/10g
DK: 23 yards (21m)/10g
BFL DK: 24 yards (22m)/10g
Sock: 46 yards (42m)/10g
Twist: 40 yards (36m)/10g
Singles: 40 yards (36m)10g
Ultra: 40 yards (36m)/10g
Mini Skeins:
Prime: 43 yards (40m)/20g
DK: 46 yards (42m)/20g
BFL DK: 49 yards (45m)/20g
Sock: 92 yards (84m)/20g
Twist: 80 yards (73m)/20g
Singles: 80 yards (73m)/20g
Ultra: 80 yards (73m)/20g
Half Skeins:
Prime: 43 yards (40m)/50g
DK: 115 yards (105m)/50g
BFL DK: 123 yards (112m)/50g
Sock: 231 yards (211m)/50g
Twist: 200 yards (183m)/50g
Singles: 200 yards (183m)/50g
Ultra: 200 yards (183m)/50g
(Are you designing a pattern that uses half, mini, micro or even a custom size skein?  TWD is happy to help with kits and yarn support!)