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Introducing our first Mystery Knit-a-long!

Sarah F

hand dyed yarn mystery knit a long pattern avengers hawkeye


The See Better From a Distance MKAL begins on May 24th  a shawl pattern dedicated to everyone’s (my) favorite Avenger, Hawkeye.

I became a fan of Hawkeye not only because of the MCU movies but also because of Matt Fraction and David Aja's fantastic comic series. (Find them here.) The comic shown in the MKAL graphic above is one issue in the series, featuring Kate Bishop as Hawkeye (read the stories to find out about her!).

This will be an asymmetrical rectangular-ish shawl (not a parallelogram!) with archery-themed lace panels (yes, really!) and some strategic stripes. 

Designed to be wearable while subtly showing off your Hawkeye love.  Or your love of lace shawls.  Whichever applies most.

Get the pattern here on Ravelry! (Please note that yarn kits do not include the pattern, which must be purchased on Ravelry.)

hand dyed yarn mystery knit a long pattern avengers hawkeye

The Woolly Dragon has kits available for the MKAL in five color combos and three yarn bases.

Each kit contains 5 full size skeins of yarn: 4 in the main color (multi/speckled) and 1 in the contrasting color (solid).  Also, a little something extra - two arrow stitch markers to use in clue 5. 

Choose your kit here!


Some quick Q's and A's

1)What is a mystery knit-a-long?
A mystery KAL has a "secret" pattern, that you don't see a photo of before you begin knitting.  You will get an info sheet with shape, dimensions, yarn, gauge, and other information when you first purchase the pattern - but nothing else until the KAL begins.

Once the MKAL has started (in our case, on May 24th) you will receive a pattern update in your Ravelry library which contains the first "clue".  The clue is actually the first portion of the pattern.  You knit that part and then wait until the next clue is released the next week.  At the end of the five weeks, you have a finished shawl! (Don't worry if you don't finish "in time" - work at your own pace!)

2) Who is Hawkeye? Do I have to care to participate?
Hawkeye (aka Clint Barton) is a Marvel Comic character who is part of the Avengers.   You don't have to love Hawkeye to participate; only a love for lace shawls and a tolerance for surprise is necessary! 

3)How difficult is the pattern?
I believe an adventurous beginning knitter can tackle this pattern. There are lace sections with various increases, decreases, and counting involved.  All lace sections are both charted and fully written out.

4)Do I have to buy a kit to participate?
Nope! Feel free to stash dive. The yarn and yardage information is available on the Ravelry pattern page.

5)What if there is a different Woolly Dragon color I would like in a kit?
Send me an email, and I will work one up for you!

6)When does the MKAL start?
The first clue will be released on May 24th. Clues will come out weekly after that, and when the KAL is finished a complete, formatted pattern in a single file will be uploaded to your Ravelry library.

7)Where does the title come from?



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