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Welcome to The Woolly Dragon

Sarah F
Welcome to The Woolly Dragon!


We are a small hand dyed yarn shop in Northern Illinois specializing in cheerful colors, multiple skein sizes, and custom color progressions. Besides our always available classic colors, we have colorways and series inspired by board/tabletop games, movies/tv, and other geeky things. With yearly holiday colors and yarn clubs added in, we have a broad catalog of colorways with something for everyone!

 We also have a small but growing collection of accessories, project gift tags and labels, project bags.


The Woolly Dragon is always open to collaborations. If you are a pattern designer, knit or crochet, contact us at sarah@thewoollydragon.com to discuss using TWD yarn in your project. If it is the right fit, we can provide yarn support and even dye custom colorways and kits for your pattern. If you have some other awesome product that you think would be perfect for TWD shop, email us!


The Woolly Dragon is currently seeking new wholesale opportunities. If you would like to carry TWD yarn in your physical shop, please contact us at yarn@thewoollydragon.comfor a line sheet.  We can discuss a custom/exclusive colorway for your shop, if you are interested. 


Finally, our colorways inspired by games, movies, TV, and any other copywrited material are done out of our love for the game/character/theme.  We don’t claim any rights to the original material.