Introducing our two new yarns: Twist and Prime! | The Woolly Dragon

Introducing our two new yarns: Twist and Prime!

Sarah F
Dragon Twist and Dragon Prime, shown in Birthday Cake.
Introducing our two brand new yarns!  Dragon Twist and Dragon Prime are in the shop now, available in all of our colorways, plus Yarn Clubs and Quarterly Collectives!

Dragon Twist is a 2 ply, 100% superwash Merino wool. Perfect for shawls and lace, and other projects where you don't want any nylon content.  The two plys puff up nicely when blocked, and help hold open yarn overs in your lace.


Dragon Prime is our new 100% superwash Merino worsted weight yarn!  With a twisty 8 ply construction, Prime makes for crisp stockinette stitch fabric and stands out nicely in cables and twisted stitches. It will be your go-to for hats, scarfs, sweaters and just about anything!


While Dragon Twist is a brand new yarn added to our lineup, Prime is actually here to replace our current worsted weight yarn, Sweater.  I know some of you love Sweater (I do, too!), but it's non-superwash properties cause it to take dye very differently than superwash yarn.  Colors were more muted and just didn't look as good.

Since color is most of the point of hand-dyed yarn, I felt uncomfortable having to explain this again and again in the shop and have you potentially be disappointed by the final result of dyed Sweater. I have found a superwash replacement that I believe you will like just as much.

But wait!  Sweater isn't going away completely.  It will always be available by special order to those who know of it. (That's you!)  So if you are one of its fans, feel free to contact me anytime to get a skein or more dyed up just for you. (It will still be listed on Our Yarns page as "special order only".)