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Twist - Full Kit
Ultra - Full Kit
Silver Sparkle - Full Kit
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special order

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Ice Castles:
December 2022 Hand-Dyed Yarn Countdown Kit

See our other 2022 theme: The Neverending Story

This theme, Ice Castles, is based on the beautifully lit-up ice sculptures and natural formations found around the world. The cool, icy colors will be arranged in a pleasing order but not in a "rainbow" order.  

Packages will ship at the beginning of November, to reach you in time for December 1st.

++++ ABOUT THE KITS ++++

Your kit includes 24 skeins of fingering weight or DK yarn in named and repeatable colors. All kits will include a few small surprises!
The Full size calendar includes 24 mini skeins of yarn, 20g each. 
The Mini size calendar includes 24 micro skeins of yarn, 10g each. 


Full-size skeins are available to coordinate with your kit; you can find them here.  and coordinating project bags are available here. You can add either to your box at any time, without additional shipping costs.

++++ SNEAK PEEKS ++++

Sneak peeks will be available soon! I make these available for those who don't love surprises. Send an email to sarah@thewoollydragon.com to request photos as soon as they are available.



Wrapped calendars are packaged like a traditional Advent Calendar, with skeins of yarn individually wrapped and dated. This is a good option if you want to be surprised each day, and knit in the order we have determined.

Unwrapped Calendars are packaged with the yarn immediately visible.  This is a  good option if you would like to see all of the colors at once and arrange them in your own order. (Unwrapped skeins come numbered with small tags so you can put them in the order we have chosen if you like.)

++++ YARN ++++

Sock:  our classic sock yarn. 75% superwash merino wool, 25% nylon. 
Full kit: 92 yards (84m)/20g
Mini kit: 46 yards (42m)/10g.
Twist: a two-ply yarn. 100% superwash merino.

Full kit:  80 yards (73m)/20g 
Mini kit: 40 yards (37m)/10g
Silver Sparkle: a two-ply yarn with silver sparkle. 
75% superwash merino, 20% nylon, 5% stellina
Full kit: 87 yards (80m)/20g skein
Mini kit: 43 yards (40m)/10g

Ultra: a super-soft, plump 2 ply yarn.  80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere,  10% nylon.
Full kit: 80 yards (73m)/20g
Mini kit: 40 yards (37m)/10g.

DK: a thicker version of our sock yarn. 75% superwash merino wool, 25% nylon. 
Full kit: 49 yds/20g skein
Mini kit: 24 yds/10g skein


1) Shipping is included for the US! Packages will be shipped with USPS.  Please contact me if you would like a different shipping method.
2) Packages will ship at the beginning of November, to reach you in time for December 1st.
3) Please order your calendar kit (and any extras) on its own to prevent the delivery of other items from being held up. Anything else added to the order will be held and shipped with your countdown box.


International customers will be charged the average difference between US shipping and shipping to your country.  This will be $10 for Canada and $14 for the rest of the world.  Packages will be sent by International First Class mail. Please contact me if you would like to make other arrangements.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions! :)



You can find a photo of each yarn type here.


Our DK weight is 100% superwash British Bluefaced Leicester wool. It has a slight sheen and a crisp, woolly feel. Perfect for hats, mittens, sweaters, shawls... just about anything!

 246 yards (225m)/100g 


Our DK weight yarn is 100% superwash Merino wool. It has a slight sheen and smooth hand. Perfect for just about anything!

 231yards (211m)/100g 


This is our newest yarn, a 100% worsted weight superwash Merino.  It's soft and smooth with a nice woolly feel.

218 yards (200m)/100g


This worsted weight, 100% superwash Merino yarn has a unique 8-ply construction, which gives it lots of bounce and definition.

 218 yards (200m)/100g


This fingering weight, high twist singles yarn is made from 100% superwash merino wool. It makes beautiful shawls and blooms slightly when washed. 

400 yards (366m)/100g


This is our classic fingering weight sock yarn. 75% superwash merino wool and 25% nylon blend, it's tough enough for socks and soft enough for all your fingering weight projects.

463 yards (423m)/100g


A nylon free fingering weight yarn, in a two ply construction.  100% superwash Merino wool. Perfect for shawls and lace, since the plys catch against each other and help hold open yarn overs when blocked!

400 yards (366m)/100g


A super soft, plump 2 ply fingering weight MCN yarn. Add a little luxury to your projects with this 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon blend.

400 yards (366m)/100g

Small Size Skeins - available with certain colors

The same yarn as our full size skeins, but in smaller 10g, 20g, or 50g skeins. Perfect for projects that use many colors such as a striped shawl or scrappy blanket.

Micro Skeins 
Prime: 21 yards (20m)/10g
DK: 23 yards (21m)/10g
BFL DK: 24 yards (22m)/10g
Sock: 46 yards (42m)/10g
Twist: 40 yards (36m)/10g
Singles: 40 yards (36m)10g
Ultra: 40 yards (36m)/10g

Mini Skeins
Prime: 43 yards (40m)/20g
DK: 46 yards (42m)/20g
BFL DK: 49 yards (45m)/20g
Sock: 92 yards (84m)/20g
Twist: 80 yards (73m)/20g
Singles: 80 yards (73m)/20g
Ultra: 80 yards (73m)/20g

Half Skeins
Prime: 43 yards (40m)/50g
DK: 115 yards (105m)/50g
BFL DK: 123 yards (112m)/50g
Sock: 231 yards (211m)/50g
Twist: 200 yards (183m)/50g
Singles: 200 yards (183m)/50g
Ultra: 200 yards (183m)/50g

Special Order Yarns


Only Available as a special order.  Please contact me at sarah@thewoollydragon.com for more information.

A warm and cozy worsted weight yarn. Nicely twisted to help prevent pilling, this springy 4 ply 100% Merino yarn is wonderful for sweaters or winter accessories. This is not superwash and will felt if given the chance!

218 yards (200m)/100g