New Method for Dyed to Order Yarn

Posted by Sarah F on

We have a new, simple method to place an order for out of stock and dyed to order yarn. When you select a color and yarn base that is currently out of stock, you will see the "add to cart" button change to "dyed to order".

You can then place your order as usual and it will be dyed and shipped to you in about 5 business days!

This streamlines the process of buying dyed to order yarn and eliminates the need for you to email us first with your request. (Of course, you can always email if you have any questions!) 

the woolly dragon yarn dyed to order

But what if you want to order 3 skeins of a yarn that only have one in stock?

woolly dragon hand dyed yarn dyed to order

Simple! Just put the quantity you would like in your cart, and it will automagically know how many of those will be dyed to order!

woolly dragon hand dyed yarn dyed to order

Try it Now!

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