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Custom Color Progressions

Sarah F
I am excited to announce that Custom Color Progressions are here!

Create the perfect gradient for your project.

You choose your colorway, a one or two direction gradient, skein size, and how many skeins the progression is spread across.

By having a color progression dyed just for you, you will never have to worry that you will reach the end of your project before you reach the end of your gradient!



Custom length gradients allow you to choose the amount of yarn in a gradient color series, ensuring that you will be able to fit the entire progression into your project. The more skeins you add, the smoother the color transition will become.  Below are some examples and suggestions for choosing which skein size and quantity are right for your project.

 We are starting out by offering a limited but diverse set of our most popular colors as custom length color progressions.  More colorways are coming soon - but if you know of one you would like that is not listed yet send us an email at  We can probably dye it up for you!