A Note About Our Packaging 

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yarn packaging from the woolly dragon

If you have ordered a skein or two of yarn from us, you probably recognize the red poly mailing bags we use. The bigger size of these bags holds roughly 4 full size skeins of yarn, albeit a little smooshed.

If you place a larger order, it currently needs to be sent in a box.  We have been receiving more of these box orders lately with the new custom color gradients.

Since we don't yet have official Woolly Dragon boxes, and I hate to get rid something that is still useful, you may receive your yarn in a recycled box. Don't worry, the yarn will be protected against rain and snow and unknown post office treatment by a plastic bag.

I hope you see this for what it is - reusing of existing resources - instead of unprofessional packaging.  Eventually we might have Woolly Dragon specific boxes, if I can find a sustainable source.

(Speaking of sustainable, I am also in the process of finding a more environmentally friendly source for our next shipment of red bags and box liner bags.)

Thanks for reading, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

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