2019 Yarn Club Full List of Colorways

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I had lots of fun with our 2019 yarn club themes!  I hope you all enjoyed them as well. See some of the past colorways below.  Join us in the 2020 Outdoor Adventures yarn club here!

Classic Board Games:
January: Monopoly
February: Clue
March: Battleship
April: Candyland
May: Yatzee
June: Life
July: Uno
August: Scrabble
September: Sorry
October: Trivial Pursuit
November: Chess and Checkers
December:  Risk

Comic Book Villains:
January: Thanos
February: Poison Ivy
March: Redskull
April: Harley Quinn
May: Loki
June: Catwoman
July: Weather Wizard
August: Green Goblin
September: Deathstroke
October: Joker
November: Lex Luthor
December: Captain Cold

Famous Dragons:
January: Falcor
February: Puff the Magic Dragon
March: Elliott (Pete’s Dragon)
April: Smaug
May: Drogon
June: Mushu
July: The Jabberwocky
August: Norbert(a)
September: Shenron
October: Toothless
November: Spyro
December: Haku 

Outer Space:
January: Earthrise
February: Sunspots
March: The Blue Marble
April: Io
May: Aurora Borealis
June: Gas Giant
July: Mars
August: The Moon
September: Andromeda Galaxy
October: Exoplanets
November: Voyager Spacecraft
December: The Orion Nebula






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